what is that font?

Had trouble finding out what a certain font is that you see in a printed ad or on screen? Have no fear, because there are some very helpful sites out there that can aid you in discovering what it is you are looking for.

The first site that I particularly love to use is at myfonts.com. They have designed an engine called “What the Font?!” that reads the fonts off of a graphic you submit to it. These can be scanned or from a JPG graphic that you supply and it will display after possible matching fonts in short time.

The second site to find a particular font is at fonts.com. Their “Search By Sight” section lets you decide what the questioned font features look like by asking you questions (serifs, ascending and descending features) about the particular font in question. This can take some time but again in the end gives you a list of possible fonts that might match your questioned font.

With of these two sights, I have regularly been able to find out the name of the actual font I was looking for. Not always perfect, but better than searching through a 700 page style book. The other nice feature of course is that you are able to purchase the font if you do not have it.

Take a look at these two sites. They sure are a great tool for me.




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