large files | small price

Ever have a large file(s) that you need to send off to a colleague or client, but when you send it in an email you get a bounceback? Sucks, doesen’t it? Well with the ever dwindling cost of gigs per dollar, there are sites popping up all over the web that will let you store your files on-line for free! Yes, that is right, for free! What is even better is that you can always have access to your files no matter where you are by just logging into the service. web interfaceTwo sites that I have used and really like are and AOL’s Each site is reliable and well known, which is important when you rely on them as a back-up tool. Another great feature for both sites is the ability to share your file like an FTP site. With a little administrative work in each program you can control who has access to your files. web interfaceI know Xdrive is owned by AOL, but it offers such a great feature that I could not pass it up: automatic data back-up. Never or should I say rarely worry about loosing an important file again!

Take a look at each site and choose for yourself. offers 1GB of storage for free and 5GB for $4.99/mo. Xdrive offers 5GB of storage for free and 50GB for $9.99/mo.

Follow these links to get your free space.


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