defend your desktop


If you are again looking for a fun Flash games that will consume most of your time, try out the game Desktop Tower Defense. I was referred to it by Leo Laporte and his MacBreak Weakly podcast (webcast as Leo likes to call it). A rather simple game, it involves you setting-up a defense network of turrets, missile launchers and other weapons to defend against waves of “creeps” that attempt to make it across the desktop. Allowing 20 creeps make it across the desktop will end your game, and you will be forced to start from scratch. There are 50 levels and endless possibilities in the design of your defense which makes this game rather addictive.

Another neat feature to this game is the group competition aspect. You are able to set-up a group and log your individual scores to see who in your group had the best defense system. I have yet to set-up a group, but am anxious to get one started once everyone sees how cool this game is.

I highly recommend that you try this game out, but make sure you have a lot of time to waste because this will consume your day. The nice thing is that it includes a pause button, sou you can actually get some work done during the day.

Test the game out at the link below and let me know what you think.


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