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Very Funny Ads Site

Tonight I was watching a Steven Segal marathon and saw an ad for, so naturally I went to check it out. Developed by TBS, the flash based youtube-esque website is very well laid out, and has funny ads to boot.

Even better, the site has a good stream of international ads, that unfortunately would be seen as too risqué for us Americans (Ah those Europeans!). All of the ads are tagged with keywords so finding a style or type of ad is fairly easy. Another nice feature the site has is an RSS feed, so new content can always be sent to you for your viewing pleasure. And last, you can suggest, but not submit an ad to be considered being placed on the site (I am sure they don’t want to get sued by some moronic brand that doesn’t see the benefits to being recognized).

As always, check the site out at the link below, and enjoy the laughs!


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