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It is not very often that I get a referral to a free publication on the web and like it, but I found a great resource for Designers, and it is free… well somewhat. Before & After Magazine has been around for a while, and not until now, did I know they offered limited number of articles for free to the public. These articles are great reference materials for a designer looking to get inspiration and new ideas. These articles range from typography to brochure design. Each article is a snippet of a larger full fledged magazine that is by subscription available in print ($42 – 4 issues with 8 articles each) and by PDF ($24 – 32 articles). I must admit, some of the articles are rather dull, but overall, it is a great resource for all designers looking for some new knowledge and inspiration, and what is there not to love more than an eco-friendly paper-free subscription. Also, check out their back-issues, there are a good number of them!

As always, I do suggest you try them out and if you like what they have to offer, please pay for a subscription. It helps them pay the bills.

You can visit Before and After Magazine at


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