vote for america’s architecture


That’s right, you can now exercise your right to vote for America’s top 150 buildings. Sponsored by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in honor of their 150th anniversary, you can be a part of determining what are the top buildings in America. As you might imagine, New York, and Washington DC happen to contain the most structures on the list, but I was pleasantly surprised to see such a diverse range of styles and locations on the survey. Each of the 150 structures has a detailed description of the work, and a comments section, for you to tell the work what you think of the picks. Some great features to the sight, include searching by rank, architect, and even date created.

An added bonus for all of you Google Earth fanatics out there; visit all of the projects of the AIA150 in Google Earth as well as other projects AIA is supporting through its Blueprint for America project.

Check out the AIA150 sight and become part of the democratic process, vote for your favorite 5 buildings!


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