interactive marketing through your t-shirt

A company on the web called TextMarks Inc. has come up with a way to reach all of those tweens out there who love to SMS text message, and it is Reactee. The idea is simple, and intriguing. You design a t-shirt at the Reactee website with a personal message or slogan (NEED A DESIGNER?), then add a keyword (BAUTERDESIGN), then choose an optional image, and then choose a custom SMS response that a person would get if they text the # on your shirt (ReacteeVisit to see my portfolio).

All of this for $25 and you have a small, but effective Tween marketing program. My only caution is you should sign-up for a large text message plan through your cell provider, because each person that text’s your shirt also sends a message notifying you that they did. The service works with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Virgin & Alltel wireless networks.

Visit Reactee at


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