business cards a plenty

BH Biz CardsAs a designer, or business owner, have you ever thought, where can I get some ideas for a business card? As a designer, I have always thought the business card is essential to your whole first and lasting impression of your company. Not only does it tell people about how to contact you, but it also conveys information about what your company does, and how you think of yourself. A little 3-1/2″ by 2″ or larger/smaller space can make or break your first impression to your clients. You can look conservative, hip, original, serious, messy, creative and about an infinite more descriptive words. Stop thinking white and black with Thermography (raised ink). Think of who you are and what you really want to convey to yourcspost.jpg clients. The standard business card is dead. Advertise yourself using your card. Think different, think color and remember, you are what your card portrays…

Click on the link below for some 400+ great card ideas:


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