elements of video

High school chemistry was fun for me as well as a challenge. I loved how the periodic table of elements was organized by groups of metals to non-metals and those in between. The problem was the hands-on experience was mainly reading a book about protons, neutrons and atomic numbers.

Today, technology brings us the ability to play with and learn more about our world with just the click of our mouse. With the technology of today, some enterprising professors at the University of Nottingham in the UK decided to bring to us The Periodic Table of Videos. By just clicking on an element on the Periodic Table of Elements, up starts a brief video with professors explaining and dare I say “playing” with the element you clicked on. What is even better, is one of the professors has a very remarkable resemblance to Albert Einstein. If I had a say, that is how all scientists should look. Please enjoy the show, and do not attempt many of the experiments they do at home!

The Periodic Table of Videos


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