rock out with your stockings out!


Balls of fire, lasers, neon, smoke, snow and fireworks are not your usual mixture for a Christmas concert unless it is one with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Earlier today my wife and I were blessed with front row seats to see the TSO at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee. Normally not one to call in to radio contests, my wife tried three times to get through at a radio show contest (Bob & Brian); and like they say, the third time is a charm. To make the story short, my ears are still ringing and I am proud to say that I will go again and again to see their shows in following years.

Not for everyone, but for many this show will be a delight to all of your senses. The lights on the stage as well as the rigged overhead light show are amazing. The show reminded me of the Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas. For more information, visit the Trans-Siberian Orchestra web site or to buy some of their music you can visit this Amazon link and give them a try. In my opinion, every Christmas music collection should have some TSO in it!


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