Holiday Gift Guide to Men (Part Three)

Round three of the Holiday Gift Guide to Men. This one is themed outerwear, and like before, either I own it or want it. Also, if you are reading this and feel something else should be in the Holiday Gift Guide to Men, leave a comment or e-mail me and I will look into it. Oh, and if you wish to buy me something on the list, I am gladly accepting gifts as well!

Sherpa Adventure Gear Renzing Hat

It is getting cold outside and I am sure your man would like to keep his ears nice and toasty. The only thing is that you don’t want him looking like a school kid with a puff ball hat or like a droid wearing those earmuff things. This hat is made of lambswool with a polyester lining by the people of Nepal—the home of Mount Everest.This hat is available in a variety of colors, and I love it for its warmth and style. I especially like that it isn’t made in China.

Cost: $15

Isotoner Men’s Smartouch Fleece Lined Glove

Ever outside in the could and you reach for your touch screen phone only to realize you can’t use it because you have gloves on? These gloves are stylish and useful for more than keeping your hands warm—they also let you use your touch screen phone without taking of your gloves! There are other makers of this sort of glove, but I chose these for those of us that work in an office setting and may need to look a little more polished. I know that I sure could use these, because in January when it is below zero outside and my car barely breaks above the freezing point, I will still be able to use my phone! If interested, North Face also makes a series of gloves using the North Face Etip technology starting at around $60.

Price: $25

De Martini Messenger Bag

If your man is a bike messenger or likes quality, well made and unique bags for going to and from work, the De Martini bag might be for him. I have one of these bags and have had it for almost 10 years. The outside is made of a high quality canvas which is lined with an industrial vinyl that will keep all the inside belongings dry from the outside elements. These bags are rather simple no cheap fasteners or zippers that break. These use a simple metal buckle with nylon webbing for making it secure. Also, don’t expect hidden pockets all over. There is one open pocket on the inside. Simple, clean and built to last.

Price: $60-125

Wigwam Hiking Socks

Socks you say? Yes, socks. I own several pairs of these sock and can’t say enough about them other than they last forever, keep your feet warm when needed and help wick away moisture when needed and they are made in the USA! I ask for these socks every year because I just can’t wear regular socks on the weekends especially when it is freezing. These are great camping/hiking socks that also help minimize blistering when on long hikes, even in the heat of the summer.

As you can imagine, Wigwam makes more than one type of sock, so here is a link to their other styles. It is also nice to note that they also make socks for running and have an Ironman sock for those who run the Ironman.

Price: $15 a pair


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