Holiday Gift Guide to Men (Part Two)

As promised, I have round two of the Holiday Gift Guide to Men. This one is all for the camper and outdoors-man in your life. Below are four gifts of which three of them I personally have.

Fatwood 25 lb. Box

On those cold nights when you just want a fire in the fireplace and you no longer get the subscription to the daily paper, you will be glad to have these little sticks of wood. Fatwood is all natural, insect free and loaded with natural resin that starts on a dime, which lasts much longer than the local paper does. Just two of the 8″ long sticks will start a roaring fire long enough to get the bigger logs ablaze. best of all, this fatwood is responsibly harvested from logged tree stumps making it an environmentally responsible gift as well!

Cost: $30

Swedish Firesteel

If you ever find your out in the wilderness with no matches for the night, make sure you have this little lifesaver. I always have this in my bag when camping, you never know when it will come in handy. I have used mine to start camp fires and stoves. Just like a traditional flint and steel, this lightweight version is great for backpacking due to the weight and I have never had troubles even when it is wet! My thought is if it is good enough for the Swedish Department of Defense, it is good enough for me.

Price: $15

Goal0 Guide 10 Adventure Kit

Yes this is expensive, at least in my world, but it is also one of the best. This summer my family and I went to Rocky Mountain National Park and camped out for four nights at a non-electric site with plenty to charge. We cobbled together a 12-volt 15-watt solar panel, car jump-start kit with 12-volt and USB and a power inverter not to mention the 2-prong charger with cords. All of this was just as—if not more expensive as a Goal0 (Goal Zero) setup, and definitely not as compact and efficient.

Price: $120

As a side note, this will charge a phone at a time, but for the bigger stuff I suggest the Goal0 Escape Scout 150 for $400 or if you are really going off grid and need longer term larger power the Goal0 Ranger 350 Extreme for $525. Like I said, not cheap, but will make one or more happy campers! Then again if you go camping to get away from it all, forget you ever read this!

SAS Survival Handbook

Lets just say you got lost, really lost. Would you know what to do to be found, if injured, if starving for food? You would if you had this book. Developed by the SAS (Special Air Services) a corp of the British Army this handbook covers it all just in the case of an incident. It is always better to be safe than sorry. This is also a great read for those who like “useless knowledge” like my wife says—except it could prove to be more useful than useless.

Price: $15


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