Project 365-Day 69

Growing Up v.2

“Growing Up”

The first signs of spring are starting to show. These daffodils just started to pop through the soil this past week.


6 thoughts on “Project 365-Day 69

    • David,

      Thanks for the comment and the critique. just wondering why you would like it more to the right? My intention was to have a diagonal line in the image and to have equal spacing on the left and right of the plants which I think I did well.

      Is your intention to have more “white space” on the upper-left two-thirds and then the image be on the lower right?

      Thanks again for the comment. Please reply back, I would love to recompose it your way just to see the difference.



  1. Hey Brad, I like your idea of having the diagonal line and it would appear you could still do that if the crop was to remove the lower and right side a little bit. Personally, my view keeps wanting to focus on the first sprout which appears to be out of focus a tad unlike the larger sprout behind it. It’s like my eyes are battling to distinguish which is the main subject. Perhaps having more in-focus area more in the lower right quadrant eliminating part of the out of focus area in the really lower right corner would do it. I dunno Brad, it’s hard to explain! Crop or not, I do like the image! 😀


    • David,

      Thanks again for the comment. I posted a re-cropped version under the original post. See for yourself if I made a god adjustment. I think it is a valid one, and thanks for the critique and best of luck with your new adventures in becoming a pro.



      • I like it, perhaps bring it out a tad to capture that piece of wood in it’s entirety?

        I look forward to your future posts.

        Thank you for the well wishes, I’ve got a long road ahead but, it’s gonna be a fun road! 😀


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