2020-A Reflection

This year was one for the ages. It was a year of great stress but also opportunity. Yes we had/have a global pandemic that shut almost everything down for some time but one thing it taught me to do is adapt. I was able to be at home from work every day since March 12. I was able to make dinners and be home for every one. No travel meant I didn’t miss those moments like the microwave not working or the water heater not heating water (this morning). We rebuilt our deck! I learned having too much toilet paper is just as bad as not having enough!

I was at every scheduled baseball game I could physically make! I learned to change the oil on our cars. I learned I may not have all the answers but what I learned from my parents gives me a good sense of direction and that I know that I can do this. I learned you can’t always have it your way, but you should always listen and learn from others. I learned to adapt and be flexible.

I learned and am still working on treating myself to some away time is OK even if it is for a day or even a walk of a few moments.

I saw firsthand through my wife how teachers with no direction or tools came together for their students and work even harder than they already do to deliver school virtually. Thank you!

I saw pure joy and sorrow as birthday parades and the passing of friends loved ones happened all in the same week. I learned life is short. I was there for my Dad when he learned he had pancreatic cancer and also the weeks in the hospital to encourage him and be there when he needed me. I was there for my Mom when my Dad passed away two weeks ago today.

I saw compassion and care from every maintenance person, Therapist, CNA, RNA, Doctor, Surgeon at the hospitals and I realized how hard they all work with a smile on their face even if they we stressed and exhausted.I learned that all of use are in this together.

I leaned what I means to have great family, friends and coworkers as a support system. I learned to lean on others, be compassionate, be grateful, and say thank you. What I learned is to never take things for granted, take care of yourselves and others. Look at each day as a new opportunity and always say “I Love You” to loved ones.

2020 has not been a good year I many respects but if you look at it you will see some good, and you most certainly learned some things along the 365-1/4 days we revolved around the star we call the Sun. One thing is certain, hindsight is 2020.


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