Taking pictures at the zoo is a great exercise. With hundreds or even thousands of animals, there are always moments to be captured.

Yesterday was a beautiful March day, so we as a family ventured to the Milwaukee County Zoo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As we always do, we visited the Ape exhibit where they have several lowland gorillas on display.

Today was a special day as I caught a special moment with Baby Zahra sleeping on her mom, Naku. Six-month-old Zahra (Swahili for Blossom) was born September 9, 2017.

See my other zoo post from 2012 titled “Mandrill”, also from the ape exhibit.


A Sniff of the Fair


I love to go to the Wisconsin State every year. I especially love the animals on display. It is even more special when you can get close to them . . . sometimes a little too close. This was captured on my iPhone, and I did need to clean the lick off of the case.

Project 365-Day 101

The Lookout

“The Lookout”

Today we took a little trip to the Madison Children’s Museum in the shadows of the state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. On the roof of the museum is the “Clubhouse” exhibit where they have a display of live animals. This rooster was keeping a lookout for visitors.

Two Chix

I was reviewing some of my photos that I took last year and ran upon this one, which I meant to blog about after I took it. Who says life happens the way you always want it to. Better late than never, This was taken at a farm in Door County, Wisconsin. These two chicks wandered away from the chicken coop and naturally I was the one chasing them down for a photo.