norad santa tracker 2011

Yet Another year has past and once again, Santa is getting ready for his big night of delivering gifts to all the good girls and boys around the world. Every Year the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) got its best and brightest workers together to ensure Santa’s airspace remains clear and safe. As in past years, the NORAD Santa Tracker has a placed all of the Santa tracking onto Google Earth on your computer and on your mobile device! That is right, there has been an app developed for the Apple iOS and Android Marketplace! As well, there are also videos and other fun games for kids and kids at heart to play in the Countdown Village.


movies on youtube?

Say it isn’t so! Well, it is, but before you get super excited; yes, YouTube does now have some feature-length movies that you can now watch on the site. This does is nice, until you see the selection . . . It really isn’t great. But, if you are a movie junkie that can stand the Good, The Bad and the Ugly of what has been produced, I urge you to try it out.

Did I mention that there are some movies out there for you Clint Eastwood fans (for a limited time only)? Such classics as, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and A Fistful of Dollars are out on the YouTube movies section until November 30th. All you need to do is visit the link below and please let me know what you think. I know what I will be doing this Thanksgiving break.

YouTube Movies (

if fonts were people…

What if fonts were like people? has a great video that does just that. Humanize fonts. Rage Italic is great. I gues because working with Wal-Mart. that was one of their main fonts. Well, I could go on, but i won’t. Enjoy!Vodpod videos no longer available.

elements of video

High school chemistry was fun for me as well as a challenge. I loved how the periodic table of elements was organized by groups of metals to non-metals and those in between. The problem was the hands-on experience was mainly reading a book about protons, neutrons and atomic numbers.

Today, technology brings us the ability to play with and learn more about our world with just the click of our mouse. With the technology of today, some enterprising professors at the University of Nottingham in the UK decided to bring to us The Periodic Table of Videos. By just clicking on an element on the Periodic Table of Elements, up starts a brief video with professors explaining and dare I say “playing” with the element you clicked on. What is even better, is one of the professors has a very remarkable resemblance to Albert Einstein. If I had a say, that is how all scientists should look. Please enjoy the show, and do not attempt many of the experiments they do at home!

The Periodic Table of Videos

NORAD Santa Tracker 2007

NORAD Santa Tracker 2007He it already out and about! Track jolly old Saint Nick as he makes his trip around the world delivering toy to all good girls and boys! That’s right! NORAD is using their technology to track Santa and his eight reindeer this 2007 Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!

see the universe in all different scales


Our friends at Nikon in Japan are always coming up with unique ways of seeing the world in a different light. For all of us that remember the math class and or science class video “Powers of Ten”, this is it in a web sense, but in a little different view. Instead of a narrated video, this flash viewer is a side view comparing items next to each other. A good example is that of a small bug next to a mountain.

The whole site is flash based with some whimsical music and a black-gray silhouette motif. It takes some getting used to, but it is a good time waster for 10-15 minutes.

Visit the video here:
“Powers of Ten”

Visit the Nikon universe site here:
Nikon Universcale

polar clock

Polar Clock

Enough said, this is a cool looking clock. It is a free screen saver application and a rather unique clock design. It is available on both MAC OSX and Windows machines. You can view a Flash version of the Polar Clock using your browser or like I said before, download the screen-saver version and enjoy watching time fly by.

Visit the Polar Clock Here.