Project 365-Day 155

Fire Tips

“Fire Tips”


Project 365-Day 147

Water's Edge

“Water’s Edge”

A morning rain created this scene today. I think a macro lens is in my future!

I am also playing a bit of catch-up tonight. Life has been a bit busy these past few days and I have had little screen-time to post these photos, so tonight is finally had some time to post four-days-worth of images. I assure you they were all taken of their respective days, and sorry for the delay.

Project 365-Day 138

Mary's tears

“Mary’s Tears”

This is a lily of the valley that is in our garden. The title “Mary’s Tears” comes from a Christian legend that these flowers sprang up from the ground from Mary’s tears during the crucifixion of Jesus.

On a side note—please forgive me as I did not post this photo yesterday. I was home sick last night with a 102 temp and thought it was best to rest.