2008 santa tracker


Track the jolly old elf, Santa, this year as the North American Air Defense network (NORAD) will track him around the world as he delivers his bag of gifts to children all around the world. Some additions this year are the Kids Coundown section in which you can play fun flash games with the kids. In addition, NORAD has included a section where you can download a kml file that allows you to track Santa in 3D using Google Earth. Also as usual, NORAD will be posting videos of Santa as he makes his stops around the world. Be sure to visit the site on December 24th regularly to get updates!

Please note that I will be looking for posts with 2008 Santa sightings and hope to bring them to you later this week. Until then look around and make sure to keep your eye out for any of Santa’s reindeer!


defend your desktop


If you are again looking for a fun Flash games that will consume most of your time, try out the game Desktop Tower Defense. I was referred to it by Leo Laporte and his MacBreak Weakly podcast (webcast as Leo likes to call it). A rather simple game, it involves you setting-up a defense network of turrets, missile launchers and other weapons to defend against waves of “creeps” that attempt to make it across the desktop. Allowing 20 creeps make it across the desktop will end your game, and you will be forced to start from scratch. There are 50 levels and endless possibilities in the design of your defense which makes this game rather addictive.

Another neat feature to this game is the group competition aspect. You are able to set-up a group and log your individual scores to see who in your group had the best defense system. I have yet to set-up a group, but am anxious to get one started once everyone sees how cool this game is.

I highly recommend that you try this game out, but make sure you have a lot of time to waste because this will consume your day. The nice thing is that it includes a pause button, sou you can actually get some work done during the day.

Test the game out at the link below and let me know what you think.


waste time with boomshine


At work today I was forwarded a little Flash game called Boomshine. At first look, this simple game seems really easy, and a breeze to get through, but hours later, it is dinner time and my wife is calling me wondering where I was. I was admittedly addicted to this game!

The object is to start a chain reaction by dropping a dot that explodes, which in turn hits another dot that is floating around, which in turn also explodes, thus starting a chain reaction. Simple but elegant! The game also has an almost zen-like soundtrack with a piano playing.

My only complaint is that it has a rather limited number of levels. I does get rather difficult near the end, however it does end right when you are wanting more.

Give it a try, just make sure you watch the clock… as it ticks by!


plan on wasting some time

PlannedEvery once in a while you need to waste a little time on the web right? Surfing around I found a great time wasting “Web 2.0” game called Planned. The object of the game is to connect all of the squares together by enlarging them so that they touch. What is nice, is that when you fail to connect all of the squares together, it lets you start over and try again. There are 18 puzzles in all, and a fun waste of time!

you can find it at the link below.