Project 365-Day 110

Secret Garden

“Secret Garden”

This is the famed Menomonee Falls that the town is named after. Overlooking the falls in the background is Mill Pond Park.


Project 365-Day 83

Rainy Day

“Rainy Day”

Our run of beautiful summer-like weather has finally come to and end with a stretch of rainy days like this one ahead. One thing for sure is that the grass has greened-up in the past day or so and I have visions of mowing my lawn in the near future.

Project 365-Day 77



Wee Little Leprechaun

“Wee Little Leprechaun”

Today is another beautiful spring day considering it is March and feels like June. We took the boys to a park and let them get some fresh air and exercise. Naturally, both boys headed for the top of the sledding hill which is where I was able to grab these shots.