adobe updates

Today Adobe released updates to their Lightroom product (2.4) and Adobe Camera Raw (5.4). This included camera raw support for the Canon T1i (500D). This is usually a quarterly update that is made to support new hardware that has been released. Apple updated their camera raw support about two weeks ago for the same camera as well as some others. This finally means I will be able to shoot raw without worries.

Updates are available here.


let your computer do the folding

Ever wonder if your multi-core processor computer is really being put to good use? A few months ago, I wondered that myself, and decided to donate my cores to some good use. Since much of the time, two or more cores of my quad-core PC are idle, I use Folding@Home software from the genius’ at Stanford University. This ingenuous software gets installed onto your computer, and them when a processor is idle, it uses it to help Standford scientists Fold protein chains virtually.

Now I am not a scientist, but the idea of this is to simulate protein folding, which when gone array, makes for some diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, cystic fibrosis, BSE (Mad Cow disease). Labs all over are using the data our computers simulate to “unfold” the mysteries of these diseases in hopes of finding a cure.

The program is available for download on PC’s, MAC, LINUX, and included on the PS3 game console. I must say some versions are easier to install than others, and wished the MAC version was simple, but since it was not, I installed it on my PC. Currently, there is somewhere in the range of 250,000 individual processors computing at any one time. Imagine if we could take all of the idle office computers at night and have Folding@Home run until the next morning.

Take a look and donate your computer’s downtime to some scientific research that is good for all of humanity!

Learn more about Folding@Home (Folding at Home) at

Also, view this clip about Folding@Home that was on DL.TV

wufoo to you too


Advertising is a game of good looks and knowledge. The knowledge is part is needed in order for your good looks to speak to the right audience. Clients increasingly are looking for quantitative research on how their product or service is compared to the competition. Sometimes, a client asks for help, or needs help getting data for a project, and on the cheap. A little, but powerful and flexible site is out there to help you called Wufoo.

Deep down, Wufoo is an on-line “web 2.0” form maker, but with a data gathering approach. Yes, a form! Not too excited? What are those web surveys you fill out after a service call from a vendor? They are forms. What Wufoo does, is make the form design easy and better yet, the data collection almost transparent. Wufoo is so flexible you could use it for surveys, registration forms, job applications, inventory log or well, just about anything you can think of.

Best of all, it is free to try (3 forms) or monthly price of $9 to $199 a month (more forms and options).

Try it out and let me know what you think of the service:

bryce 5.5 for free!


That’s right! The generous developers of Bryce 3D modeling software, Daz 3D are giving away their older but very usable Bryce 5.5 in the hopes of you upgrading to the newer version 6.0. The one catch it the manual is not really available and in terms of 3D software, manuals are a great thing. Not sure how long it will last, but hurry-up and get it while you can.

You will need to register at their site, and then log-in to get the license code, but it is all free for the taking!

Enjoy it while you can!

Get the software here:

Sign-up here for the license code: