Cloud Sharks

Cloud Sharks

The razor sharp tips of these Cascade mountain tops poked through the cloud layer below, reminding me of shark fins sticking out of the waters of an ocean. Taken in late April 2016 just south of the U.S.-Canadian border on my way home from Vancouver, British Columbia.


Sorry, Not Sorry Cubs

Game 1—NLDS

I was flying home from Toronto on October 7, 2016 and I had a short layover in Chicago. If you have ever flown into Chicago, most of the time the wind is coming from the west which means you approach O’Hare International from the east flying over Lake Michigan with the cityscape of Chicago to the left of the plane, which I strategically had knowing the possibility of the view (If you know me, I love aviation).

October 7 is pretty significant for Chicago Fans as it was Game 1 of the NLDS vs the Giants. This picture is of Wrigley Field ablaze in light only a few short hours before the game was to start.

Which is why we are originally here. I am a diehard Milwaukee Brewers fan. And if you don’t know, the Cubs are pretty close to the mortal enemies of the Brewers (as well as the Dirty Birds of St. Louis). Think Packers vs. Bears . . . But recently I have been reading articles about why Milwaukee fans need to cheer on the Cubs:

In short, NO—It is not OK to cheer for the Cubs if you are a Milwaukee fan. Milwaukee, a little more than one hour north of Chicago becomes Wrigley North when the two teams play, and to be honest, they are rude, impolite and if you ever read the papers, out of control at times (see article—Miller Park Brawl Ends In Arrests of Cubs Fans).

So, No I am not rooting for the Cubs. Sorry you haven’t won the World Series in a while. Yes you have a rich tradition and a great stadium rich in history, but in sports, you are not my team and never will be, plus I’m rooting for the small market teams.

Sorry, NOT sorry Cubs. Go Cleveland!

Model Airport that Amazes

I found this video online about a replica model of Hamburg, Germany’s airport. This display is part of the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg display which features the world’s longest model railroad setup, a cruise ship port, space shuttle launch and this model airport just to name a few things. The airport features 15,000 figures, 6,000 trees, 4,500 cars, 40,000 miniature LED lights and up to 45 planes that taxi to and from runways after takeoff and landing which uses a pole system under the runways to simulate the action of flight. Should I ever get the chance to travel to Europe and in particular, Hamburg, Germany, this will be on my list of stops to make.