A Mad Town

A Mad Town

In honor of me being at the Wisconsin vs. Minnesota football game, here is a shot of the city of Madison, Wisconsin (aka “Mad-Town”) I took earlier this month. On Wisconsin!


40,000 Foot Monument

40,000 Foot Monuments

Yesterday I took a cross-country flight to San Diego from my hometown of Milwaukee. I told my co-worker whom I was flying with that I often use my travels to see the beautiful landscapes of the United States and Canada. This photo was taken at around 40,000 feet in Arizona looking northwest to Utah’s Monument Valley. Even though I was only able to see it for a very brief time, it made me want to visit it in person some time!

Cloud Sharks

Cloud Sharks

The razor sharp tips of these Cascade mountain tops poked through the cloud layer below, reminding me of shark fins sticking out of the waters of an ocean. Taken in late April 2016 just south of the U.S.-Canadian border on my way home from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Super Beaver Moon 2016

Super-Beaver Moon 2016

Tonight is the Supermoon of 2016—which is also the Beaver Moon (full moon in November). The moon is about 30,000 miles closer to Earth today (actually tomorrow, November 14 in the morning) than it typically is. This happens every year, but it doesn’t always coincide with a full moon! The last time it did was 68 years ago in 1948. The next instance of this happening is in 2034.

NASA states that the moon tonight is about 238,000 miles from Earth and appears in the sky to be 14% larger to the eye and will reflect about 30% more light from the sun than it usually does.

Take a peek outside and witness what many have never seen before. Even if it does just look like the moon, this is possibly a once in a lifetime astronomical event for many.

Happy viewing!

NASA Supermoon Site

Memoirs of World War II


World War II was little over 70 years ago making those who fought in their late 80’s into their 90’s. Every day we loose more and more true heroes who risked their lives so we could have freedom. Many have untold stories and show what true grit and courage it took while fighting in the war.

On this Veteran’s Day (Remembrance Day) I strongly encourage you to visit Josh Scott’s efforts to record the stories these veterans have to offer on his Facebook page Memoirs of World War II. Josh has just started this project but has done a wonderful job in helping bring the stories of World War II veterans to life.

If you know a Veteran or happen to pass one while on a walk, thank them for their service today. Without their service, the World could be much different for all of us.

Thank’s Dad!


Doing a TED

I love TED Talks. I especially love to collect and binge-watch them when I am traveling. If you are unfamiliar with what a TED Talk is, they are short (less than 20 minutes) presentations about topics on Technology, Entertainment and Design. One of my favorite talks is about flags by Roman Mars which absolutely embarrasses the city of Milwaukee’s flag and has recently spawned a competition for a flag redesign.

The real reason for this post is that I have always thought about what I could talk about If ever given the opportunity to present a TED Talk. I have yet to come up with a topic . . .

What I have come across thanks to a colleague are numerous parody videos on how to mimic a TED Talk. There is definitely a recipe for the video and presentation style that even the Onion caught. Enjoy!

Arena With an Identity Crisis


New Milwaukee Bucks Arena

In case you have not heard, Milwaukee is going through a sort of building renaissance, albeit small compared to other cities like our neighbor to the south—Chicago. There are at least six major projects being built downtown, and one of them happens to be the recently ground-broken new home for the Milwaukee Bucks NBA basketball team as seen in the rendering above.

Milwaukee is home to some pretty unique architecture. The Milwaukee Art Museum’s Quadracci Pavilion, Miller Park, City Hall, Wisconsin Gas Building, Pabst Theater and the Basilica of St. Josaphat are a few of those I would suggest visiting.


BMO Harris Bradley Center

Now, we have a new Basketball-Only arena replacing the 1980’s concrete slab BMO
Harris Bradley Center. 

Don’t get me wrong, the new arena is an improvement over the current one in use, but what do you conjure up when you see the new design above? A wooden keg perhaps signaling back to the once beer brewing capital of the world? A slight pause of a sideways comma? How about a combover much like the one of the 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump?


Side of New Stadium

Either way, I don’t know what to think of our new arena. I like some of it. The Zinc paneled roof which is rustic and yet modern, as well as the plaza entrance area covered in glass with an observation area jetting out near the top, are some of my favorites. But the whole building seems to be forgotten. Just look at the other sides of the arena renderings and I get a feeling it was an afterthought.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the design? Does it speak to you and if so what does it say? Is it “Milwaukee”?

Like I said before, I am torn. I like some of it, but there are parts I feel were ignored. Maybe it was the budget or the time constraints that were limiting (Arena History). I just hope “Milwaukee’s Combover” doesn’t become its nickname.