Project 365-Day 32

Winter Solitude

“Winter Solitude”


Project 365-Day 12

Snow Capped Rock

“Snow Capped Rock”

Today marked the first real snowfall of the season here in Wisconsin. This gave me the opportunity to go and explore a local park that I have never been to but have always said that I should stop there some day.

I did learn that snow has its challenges photographically. This is particularly noticeable while the snow is still falling. Yes, you need to expose your shots a bit differently (overexpose) in snow—but you also have a focus and “snow noise” issue where the snow throws off focus and adds noise. One thing I did find is that a fast shutter speed seemed to be more appealing because it froze the snow and didn’t allow it to look like a streak. If you have an effect you are looking to make with slower shutter speeds, the streaks could look nice, but in my case, it was not what I was looking for.