Spot the Comet

Spot the comet PANSTARRS. (Hint, it is below the moon and to the right about 1/3 way up from the horizon.) I took this with my two boys on top of a hill near our house. On this, it is a smudge but very cool to capture!

Spot the Comet Panstarrs


Project 365-Day 141


“Partial Annular Eclipse Series”

Tonight in the northern hemisphere there was a solar eclipse. The annular eclipse is when the new moon crosses the path of the sun and creates what looks like a ring when seen at full eclipse. Where I live we were only able to see a partial (57%) eclipse. This is a series of six photos from eclipse start to sunset.

Project 365-Day 138

Mary's tears

“Mary’s Tears”

This is a lily of the valley that is in our garden. The title “Mary’s Tears” comes from a Christian legend that these flowers sprang up from the ground from Mary’s tears during the crucifixion of Jesus.

On a side note—please forgive me as I did not post this photo yesterday. I was home sick last night with a 102 temp and thought it was best to rest.