Project 365-Day 155

Fire Tips

“Fire Tips”


Project 365-Day 138

Mary's tears

“Mary’s Tears”

This is a lily of the valley that is in our garden. The title “Mary’s Tears” comes from a Christian legend that these flowers sprang up from the ground from Mary’s tears during the crucifixion of Jesus.

On a side note—please forgive me as I did not post this photo yesterday. I was home sick last night with a 102 temp and thought it was best to rest.

Project 365-Day 61

Prairie Grass

“Prairie Grass”

About every other day on my commute to and from work my route takes me past a prairie area in which this rather tall grass is blowing in the wind. When driving past they look rather soft, so today I decided to stop and take a look. I am not sure what type of grass this is, but the appearance close up was not as i had thought it was while driving past it. Non the less, it is day 61’s picture.