Project 365-Day 150

Daytime Moon

“Daytime Moon”


Project 365-Day 129

A Day's End

“A Day’s End”

Clouds are a favorite subject of mine. A reason that I like clouds is that there are never two clouds that are alike. With that, the sky is constantly looking different even if you shoot from the exact same spot every day. Sure there are gray, gloomy days with little definition, but even on those days the clouds are different than any other day before or after that time.

My favorite time is like the one in this photo today. The lighting, layers of the clouds and colors from vibrant yellow to purple really made this image work! Best of all, this was taken from my driveway, during a break from mowing my lawn—just after a little rain and hail storm.

Project 365-Day 85

I Wish I Could Fly

“I Wish I Could Fly”

This was captured just north of Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport. The winds were from the north and the planes were taking off of runway 1L. For those not familiar with Milwaukee, there is a parking lot just to the west of the centerline of runway 1L on the north end of the runway where you can tune your radio to 88.5 and listen to the tower talk to the planes and watch them land and take-off almost directly over your head.

Project 365-Day 83

Rainy Day

“Rainy Day”

Our run of beautiful summer-like weather has finally come to and end with a stretch of rainy days like this one ahead. One thing for sure is that the grass has greened-up in the past day or so and I have visions of mowing my lawn in the near future.

Project 365-Day 77



Wee Little Leprechaun

“Wee Little Leprechaun”

Today is another beautiful spring day considering it is March and feels like June. We took the boys to a park and let them get some fresh air and exercise. Naturally, both boys headed for the top of the sledding hill which is where I was able to grab these shots.