mystic web experience

Ever go to a Web-site that is visually unique? Unique in a way that you just keep delving deeper into the site just to see what is next?

ashes and snow websiteThe Rolex Institute has been sponsoring a Canadian artist named Gregory Colbert and his travelling gallery exhibit called the Nomadic Museum since 2002 when it opened in Venice, Italy. The Nomadic Museum has come to the United States and resides on the Santa Monica Pier in California. It houses a visually rich display of Colbert’s Large scale photography and 35 mm films.

Along with the Nomadic Museum is the stunningly visual website named Ashes and Snow. It has a mytic feel with the visuals and the music used to present Colbert’s images of human interaction with animals. As Colbert says in his words, “I am working towards rediscovering the common ground that once existed when people livied in harmony with animals.”

Explaining this site does not really do it any justice. It truely is one to see and hear. Beautifuly rich in content, it makes me want to see more. Check out the site, and if in the area where the exhibit is, make sure you see it in person.


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