Holiday Gift Guide to Men (Part One)

I you are struggling for ideas of what to give a guy for the holidays, have no fear, I have just the solution for you. Introducing my Holiday Gift Guide to Men. While I can’t guarantee a gift will be great for all men, I can at least give you suggestions that will aid your search. Most gifts are reasonably priced and are on my list or are items I currently own. Happy shopping and let the fun begin. Over the next few days and weeks, I will place one or more items in a post for ideas. Hope these help!


Syma S107Syma S107 RF Helicopter

This was a great present to myself earlier this year that is fun for almost the whole family! I do not recommend this for children under 6 or with anyone that may have a pet that is a bit scared of noise and things that hover, but still lots of indoor fun!

Price: $30

Scosche reVIVE II Dual USB Car Charger for iPad

On the road with your iPad and you have no way to charge it other than the wall socket? Now you can plug in and charge your you iPad, iPhone or any other device that uses USB to charge and you can truly be mobile! All you need is your cord and this and you are all set. One great feature is that you can charge two devices at one time!

Price: $15

Gerber Paraframe II Camping Knife

Have a camper or outdoors-man in your life? This knife is strong and sturdy and yet compact enough for a backpack. The serrated blade also aids in cutting . . . err. sawing through some of the tougher materials like climbing rope and wood. Please note this is not safe at the airport and will most likely get you some unpleasant looks and meetings with people that have little humor in their jobs.

Price: $25


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