Project 365-Day 115

Personal Pizza

“Personal Pizza”


5 thoughts on “Project 365-Day 115

  1. Some critique: F-stop is too low, want more detail. Utensil in background distracts the eye. Dimension of the shot doesn’t match the title — “personal pizza” speaks small, a specific scale–but your framing speaks “big pizza.” More attractive would be to picture the serving on a plate or platter from higher up.


    • Jed,

      Thanks for the critique. I do agree with the depth-of-field and will try to keep that in mind. However I did shoot this in available light and hand-held, which posses its own challenges and thus the dof you see in the photo. As for the utensil in the background, I feel it adds to the photo. It gives a sense of place, size and meaning to the photo. As for the title . . . I see you feel the photo was bigger, but I called it like it is. A personal (individual) pizza. That would be one huge pizza cutter in the back had this been a regular pizza.

      Thanks again for the comments. Keep them coming! I really do welcome them.



      • I used to photograph my mother in law’s recipes pretty often and doing available light photography on film is really tough if you have a limited f-stop. The color you’re getting is really good. So what kind of camera are you shooting with?


      • Jed,

        It really has very little to do with the camera as it does that I shoot in RAW. I do shoot using a Canon DSLR and I try to keep my ISO at 100-400 to minimize grain. The real help is in post where I can color correct the overall image with a slider using Adobe Lightroom 3. Shooting RAW though in tough light is very beneficial. I try to get everything as correct in camera as possible in camera, but sometimes post-processing is the only way to go. My goal is 3 minutes or less of adjustments per photo.

        In studio lighting, I use daylight balanced 5000K lights which pretty much take most of the error out of the color.

        Hope that helps.



      • thanks…I take a lot of pictures with daylight, and if I have to shoot indoors I try and avoid using my flash, it tends to get me into more trouble than it’s worth. I don’t have any other lights, but I have read a lot about them.

        Great idea to limit time in post 🙂 Easy to get caught up with all the switches and knobs in photoshop 🙂 I’m using GIMP myself.


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